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Warmst Week @ The Box

Its that time of year again for The Warmste Week! - and this year The Box will host a day of fun events.

Who? : Open to all

What? :

Ugly Christmas Jumper Yoga

Ski Erg competition

Apres Ski Party

Why?: Raise money for the "Prinses Harte" foundation

Where ?: The Box Mechelen, Molenweide 2, Mechelen (Huyghebart Gebouw)


How? : Check descriptions below for event specific instructions.


11:00 - 11:45    Ugly Christmas Jumper Yoga

  • 45 minutes of Yoga dressed in ugly Christmas jumpers

  • Prize for best (worst) jumper/outfit

  • 10 euro per person, payable on entrance

  • Subscribe via contact form below

  • Shower and changing rooms available on site

19:00 - 20:30    Ski Erg Competition

  • Teams of 2 or 4 to "ski" on our Concept2 Ski erg machines

  • Competition rules/format explained at the event

  • 5 euro per person to participate, payable on entrance

  • Winning team(s) wins a prize

  • Subscribe via contact form below

  • Shower and changing rooms available on site


21:00 - ???   Apres Ski Party!!!

  • A wrong as wrong can be, dress up apres ski party. Bad clothes, bad music, bad decorations... the best people!

  • Entrance is 5 EUR and includes 1 free shot of jenever or soft drink. To be payed at the door.

  • People who are not dressed up in “foute ski outfit” pay double entrance fee (and don’t get a free shot ) ;)

  • We’ll sell jenever/cava and beer for the alcoholics and water + juice for the drivers

  • Finishes till the police shuts us down

  • No subscription necessary... just turn up!

Subscribe Here


For the Ugly Christmas Yoga and Ski Erg Competition please book your spot by sending an email via the contact form below.

Please state which event and the names(or amount) of the particpants

Thanks! Message sent.

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